A Night To Remember: Year 11 Father Daughter Dinner

The Father Daughter Dinner Dance is a long-held tradition for Year 11 girls and their dads at Santa Maria. This year’s dinner was held at the South of Perth Yacht Club, last Monday.

Here’s what two of the girls had to say about the evening.

 “My favourite part of the night was being able to simply dance around with my dad to some old-school classic music. It is a great opportunity to simply have some fun, but also to display a sense of gratitude to a father in your life. After all, a father is one of the most important people in a girl’s life; they undoubtedly help us grow into strong, independent women – “Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.” Grace McCormack

 “We gave gratitude cards, which we wrote, to our fathers or father figures. It was a meaningful moment where we got to thank our fathers for all they do for us and show how much we appreciate them. The music picked up after dinner and everyone got up on the dance floor with their fathers, this was definitely the highlight. We all got to see our dads’ best moves out on the dance floor and had an enjoyable and memorable moment. This evening has been a highlight of Year 11. It was an amazing night that I got to spend with my father and one that I will definitely remember as I grow up.” Liliana Cottino

Thank you to all the fathers and father figures who make our community great.

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