Content Warning: ’13 Reasons Why’ Series 2

The second series of 13 Reasons Why will be released today (Friday 18 May) on Netflix. If you do not know about this series, it is extremely popular with teens and even tweens. It addresses highly emotive issues such as suicide, rape and bullying. Unfortunately these themes are relevant to the experience of a percentage of our young people and those children can be triggered by this content.

The series is quite compelling viewing for young people and it is likely that many of your children will watch it, with or without your approval. Psychologists suggest watching it with your older teens and being prepared for meaningful conversation about the content. Attached are some resources from Headspace to help you. 13 Reasons Why is rate 15 + in Australia. The content is inappropriate for tweens and early teens.

Information from ‘headspace’, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation 

There is a “blog post on the headspace website, which is available now, and provides young people and parents with information to consider prior to the release of the show. The blog post includes:

  • tips for discussing the show safely,
  • points to consider before watching the show.
  • questions to help start a conversation

You can access the blog post here:

Once the series is officially launched, people can go to where the resources will be available, including the information that can be found on the headspace blog.

Further to this, eheadspace will be holding group chat sessions for young people on Thursday May 24 from 7-8pm AEST and Sunday May 27 from 7-8pm AEST.  You can access the group chat sessions here:

Finally, we would like to inform you that a range of measures have been put in place with Netflix to assist with safely launching Season 2 of the series. This includes:

  • A designated webpage where resources and help seeking information will be provided.
  • Inclusion of warnings and help-seeking information before, and at the end, of each episode of the show. The end frame directs users back to
  • On the webpage you will find:
    • Videos – One will feature the cast of the show (coming out of character) to address issues depicted in the show, and the other features Australian young people talking about the importance of reaching out to family and friends and seeking help on mental health issues.
    • Resources – Tailored discussion guides for young people, parents and schools
    • Help seeking information – Detailed help seeking information for young people.

It is important to note that 13 Reasons Why, Season 2 is rated MA15+ in Australia, therefore the resources have been developed for secondary schools, parents and secondary school aged young people.”

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