1998 Reunion

Wow, 20 years since we left high school. I remember the crazy last days of Year 12 dancing around in an 80s dress with crimped hair not having any idea where I would be in a year, let alone 20! But off I went, excited for the journey ahead, whatever that might be.

Fast forward 20 years and funnily enough I don’t feel any older. Just a few more wrinkles which I refer to as “laugh lines”. Slightly nervous, as I walked into the old Santa Maria building, still standing just how I remember it, I was welcomed by all the familiar faces of girls who shared the high school journey with me. I felt connected to so many of them even though we haven’t crossed paths since we left school. It was just like ‘the good old days’.

The evening was fabulous! The tour was great and seeing the building development and opportunities that all these young ladies have now is just outstanding. I felt a great sense of pride being associated with this amazing school and those women surrounding me.

We spent the evening chatting, laughing and reminiscing about old times and listening to everyone’s personal journeys since leaving Santa Maria College. I’ve made lifelong friends and memories that I will treasure forever.

Thank you Santa Maria for providing us with the solid foundations for life’s journey. And for welcoming us back. It felt like home.

Emma Hatch (Zuideveld)

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