2017 Instrumental And Vocal Music Eisteddfod

On Sunday 13 August, 85 Santa Maria musicians participated in the annual eisteddfod, which was held at the College over four, 90 minute sessions. The students performed beautifully with a great range of styles and genres on show. For many of the girls it was their first time performing in front of an audience. The girls did an excellent job containing their nerves. The performers can feel very proud of their efforts and the support they received from family and friends was generous and played a big part in the success of the event.

Images from the eisteddfod are available to view here.

Paul Kinsella | Head of MusicMy involvement in the annual music eistedfodd, gave me the opportunity to witness the talent that exists in the music department, as well as an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Though the thought of performing in front of an audience was daunting at first – what I took from this experience was a sense of encouragement from my peers and the music staff. Overall, I encourage anyone learning an instrument or taking vocal lessons to have a go next year. 
Maddie Hammond (Year 11)


It was a nervous experience, but I hoped that it will assist me with my preparation for my exams. I am thankful for the feedback from Miss Waterhouse and I will use it to improve my playing. I really enjoyed listening to other girls playing their instruments or singing as I don’t get the opportunity during school time. This experience made me more comfortable playing in front of an audience and knowing what I need to work on in the future. From this performance, I will be excited to play in the next music eisteddfod.
Kaylee Fong (Year 7)


As this was my second eisteddfod experience, I wasn’t as nervous as the first time, although I was still quite nervous. I knew there wasn’t going to be a huge crowd and it would be good practice. It was quite nerve-racking to get up in front of the crowd and sing, but it was a fun experience performing in front of the audience.
Chloe Thong (Year 6)


The Music Eisteddfod was such a great chance for everyone to show what they have been working on, instrumentally, or vocally. I loved the eisteddfod,  because many of us who hadn’t performed in front of an audience very much, faced our fears and enjoyed ourselves so much. I have become much more comfortable singing and performing in front of an audience since participating, and I can’t wait for next year’s Music Eisteddfod!
Chelsea White (Year 8)

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