2018 Mentoring Project

In 2018, we had 20 students participate in the Mentoring Project. Relationships blossomed during their catch ups each term and it was very rewarding to see the connection between alumni and student.

As this year’s program ceases, many of the participants have chosen to continue with their mentoring, which is a true gauge of this program’s success.

Feedback from our participants:

It has allowed me to establish a new connection with an adult that isn’t a teacher, or family member.

I’ve enjoyed meeting another person and establishing a connection.

I think it is a fantastic program the school is offering. I see it moving forward and think many students will get a great benefit from it.

We appreciate all the time and energy that Jessica Beazley, IGNITE Teacher, has contributed and of course all our amazing alumni, who gave of their time so generously.

We look forward to 2019, where our next batch of mentees and mentors will have the opportunity to be involved in the SMCOGA Mentoring Project.



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