Students Visit the Enchanted Forest: College Ball

The rite of passage of the College Ball has come and gone over the weekend and it was a wonderful experience for our girls. Students attended the Ball on Saturday evening and this event heralds the beginning of the students’ final year of secondary school.

For many girls and their parents, the occasion was marked months ago, then began the preparations – finding a ball dress, selecting of a partner and gathering with friends and family before the event. The process of preparing began midway through last week as the corridors filled with the scent of gallons of spray tan, the early appearance of painted delicate nails and unusually long eyelashes.  The excitement was building and last minute arrangements made.

The weather was ideal, pre-ball photos magnificent and finally the arrival of 180 confident young women with their partners in tow, ready for a fun-filled evening.  The enjoyment of the experience was made more memorable with the presence of staff, boarding housemothers and members of the College Management Team.  Students were delighted to be greeted by their teachers in the foyer and introduce their partners to members of the College Executive Leadership Team.

The Ball Committee members were delighted with their creative touches evident in the Enchanted Forrest themed ballroom and worked tirelessly on the ambience with the help of the Visual Arts Department, Drama Department, Property and Maintenance Team and the Community Relations Department.

A night of wonderful memories.

Quotes from Students:

“On arrival, we were spoilt with a mysterious entrance, candlelight and fog led us into the Enchanted Forrest themed ballroom.  The evening was a night of good company, great food and a wonderful sense of celebration.  Fond memories will stay with us into 2019.”  Madeleine Anspach

“What a great night of dancing, singing and laughing -made all the more special as it was shared with good friends.” Bianca D’Ortona

“The night was incredibly enjoyable, many thanks to the Ball Committee for their creativity and finesse.” Gabriela Larsen

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