2020 Music Eisteddfod

Approximately 80 Santa Maria Music students took part in the annual Instrumental and Vocal Eisteddfod last weekend.

There were five sessions throughout the day with parents and friends being treated to a variety of entertaining performances from students from all year groups.

The aim of the event is to give music students the chance to inspire and be inspired by the talents of their peers and so develop their performance confidence in the process.

Rebecca Kinsella was the adjudicator on the day and provided detailed feedback and encouragement for each of the performers.

Year 11 student, Chelsea White said, ”The Eisteddfod was an incredibly amazing opportunity for me to perform to an audience, who is highly supportive and encouraging. It gives us the experience to improve, not only in our musical skill, but as performers. I loved participating in the Eisteddfod, as it is so great to see the result of everyone’s hard work through the year come to fruition. Even though it can be intimidating to stand in front of an audience, it has shaped me to be a confident and resilient performer and person.”

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