2020 Years 7 – 12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Interhouse Swimming

HBF Stadium may be hosting a number of National events in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympics. However, the stadium’s showcase event for 2020 was held on Wednesday…Santa Maria’s Interhouse Swimming Carnival. Should the Olympics even be the Olympics if they don’t include the all-inclusive Boogie Board race or a classic Tyre Chain relay? This year also saw the introduction of the lifejacket relay which certainly left many teams stranded as they tried to figure out the best way to tackle this race.  

Well done!

In the main pool we saw some inspiring performances from our girls, many of whom have been training throughout the summer. Particular credit must go to those girls who, sometimes reluctantly, put their hand up to swim for their House in the more challenging events such as the 100m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly. These girls really do demonstrate the meaning of House Spirit.


With some fabulous results in the pool, we are very excited to see what our Santa Maria team can do this year at the IGSSA swimming carnival to be held on Friday 13 March.

We have included some results from the day. It is important to note that the House results are just progressive as the results from the Years 5/6 carnival will be included for Overall Champion House. This event will be held on Friday 6 March. However, we can reveal there are only 20 points between four Houses, 10 points between two others and only one and a half points between another two  – so stay tuned!


1st – O’Donnell
2nd – Byrne
3rd – Corbett
4th – Dillon
5th – Frayne
6th – Kelly
7th – O’Reilly
8th – de la Hoyde


Year 7
Champion Girl – Helen Smith (O’Reilly)
Runner Up – Eva Longstaff (Frayne)

Year 8
Champion Girl – Ava Forrest (de la Hoyde)
Runner Up – Alyssa Monaco (Byrne)

Year 9
Champion Girl – Chantrea Marston (O’Donnell)
Runner Up – Maya Kenny (Dillon)

Year 10
Champion Girl – Elizabeth Hughes (O’Donnell)
Runner Up – Kayla Monaco (Byrne)

Year 11
Champion Girls – Georgia Mack (Byrne) & Pia Donovan (O’Donnell)
Runner Up – Georgia Anderson (Byrne)

Year 12
Champion Girl – Megan Cranley (Byrne)
Runner Up – Helena Kang (Frayne)

Ava Forrest after breaking the 100m Freestyle, one of the three records she broke on the day. This record has been standing since 2003.


Year 8

Alyssa Monaco

50m Breaststroke


Ava Forrest

100m Freestyle
50m Freestyle
50m Backstroke
50m Butterfly


All Year 8 records were broken yesterday. What a great result!

Year 10

Elizabeth Hughes

50m Freestyle


Kayla Monaco

50m Butterfly
50m Backstroke


O’Donnell House

4 x 50 Freestyle Relay


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