2021 Artist in Residence: Craig Soulsby

Each year, Santa Maria College offers its students the opportunity to work with a different artist through the Artist in Residence Program. The benefits to students from a program such as this are huge. Students throughout their time at the College, are exposed to a number of artists showcasing different genres of art; they are taught different techniques and come to learn about the artist’s own story.

We have been very fortunate to secure artist Craig Soulsby as our 2021 Artist in Resident. Craig is a two time finalist in the prestigious Lester Prize for Portraiture In Western Australia and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as an artist to our department.

Craig worked with both Art and Design classes from Years 8 – 12, with a focus on still life and portraiture in both mediums oils and charcoal.

Craig really focussed on the technical aspects of oil painting, and in particular the Year 10 art students benefitted from his very measured approach to portraiture. Craig also works part-time on visual effects for films, so the Year 10 Design students were treated to lessons in some visual effects using Photoshop. As a former tattoo artist, Craig even held lessons on how to design tattoos with Years 11 and 12 Design classes!

The breadth and depth of his artistic talents proved to be inspirational for both staff and students!

Here’s what two Year 9 students said about their time working with Craig.

“My experience with Craig Soulsby was very inspiring, he helped me to develop a deeper understanding of the techniques for oil painting and mixing colours to produce a unique oil painting masterpiece. I also learned about the importance of shapes in artwork and to block out the shapes of the objects in the image that you are painting, making it easier to work out how big or small each object is going to be and where it is going to be placed onto your page. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Craig as I got many tips on how to improve my art, which I will definitely use in future art projects.”  Madison McCubbin

“Whilst working with Craig I learned many innovative techniques to painting with oil paints. I also learned to take risks and trust the process, which has made the experience very interesting and fun.” Olivia Fuller

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