Meet our 2021 Music Captain Clare

Introducing our 2021 Music Captain, Clare Perrott.

Tell us about your portfolio position?

Music Captain is a great portfolio position that allows me to promote the musical opportunities within the College. I promote choirs and bands and run the Music Department Instagram page. The page provides information and further promotes the strong and unique sense of culture found within the Department. It is also my role to help build and maintain our strong culture of inclusivity and community, by being a positive influence and encouraging other girls to try new things, maybe even a new instrument.

The Music Department holds numerous events and performances, such as eisteddfods and concerts, throughout the year where girls are able to showcase their talents in terrific performances. We end the year with a grand music showcase where I will gratefully have the opportunity to conduct the Years 11/12 chorale and compere the event.

Why did you apply for that position?

I applied for Music Captain because I really love what the position involves, which I have interpreted as proudly representing a vast and talented group of girls within the school. Personally, I believe that music is an apparatus that has such a deep connection to many people and can provide much joy. I believe this position is a great way to further endorse this message to not only the Music students but the whole school. It provides great opportunities to talk to others who have questions about the program or are on the fence about learning instruments, or anything music-related really.

What do you hope to achieve in your position?

In the position of Music Captain, I hope to increase the number of girls who participate in the music and maintain/improve the fun nature of the department. Another role for Music Captain is the music camp, where music students go to Hillarys’ campsite and practise repertoire. We also participate in a number of activities such as a quiz night which provides a lot of fun and great memories.

As part of my position, I hope to make sure that these particular events are done to the highest standard that all music students can enjoy!

What’s your favourite thing about Santa Maria?

My favourite thing about Santa Maria is the unique environment that is created by students on the grounds and the many areas that allow students to participate in their interests. There is a great array of options, such as PE, Art, Music, Drama, and Media that encourage the idea of giving something a go. Students are free to try new activities that interest them without having to commit to them as subjects, which can develop passions and allows for a great social atmosphere around the College. There are always performances and events that students can perform in or watch, which highlights the great support that students show one another, and creates a safe space where students can pursue new things.

What’s one piece of advice for new students starting at Santa Maria next year?

One piece of advice I would offer new students is to not be afraid to try something new. When I started Year 5, I had no interests or hobbies that I was particularly passionate about and didn’t really know what was out there. Luckily, after talking to some teachers, I received some suggestions to join a range of co-curricular activities from Music to Library to Drama. This is how I got to discover what I enjoyed and what I was passionate about. I also met similar people who shared these interests. Trying new things is super fun, but I recognise it can be super daunting as well. If you have any questions about what co-curricular activities you can do, don’t be a stranger and feel free to email me or any of the SLC team!

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