Meet Our 2021 Performing Arts Captain Gabriella

Introducing our 2021 Performing Arts Captain, Gabriella Gavranic.

Why did you apply for the position of Performing Arts Captain?

I have been involved in Drama at Santa Maria since Year 7 and always dreamed of pursuing a career in acting. I am so passionate about Drama and so this position instantly appealed to me. Although I’m not the daintiest person in the world, I adore dancing (when I am alone) and watching dancers as they have such a talent. I have always felt at home in the Performing Arts department and so the chance to represent it, is an honour.

What do you hope to achieve in your position?

I hope to be able to inspire younger students to get more involved in the Performing Arts, whether it be through studying Drama or Dance. I would like to be able to instigate more performances for both Dance and Drama students, so they can showcase the brilliant talent they have. I would also like to build upon the great community we already have within the Performing Arts Department. This department feels like one big family to me and I would love for other students, especially younger girls, to experience this too.

What’s your favourite thing about Santa Maria?

Way back in Year 4, when I came for my interview, it was the roses that decorated the school that really drew my attention and were my favourite thing. There is such an appreciation still for the gardeners who make our school look beautiful. But now that I’m older my favourite thing has to be the welcoming community and environment. I have always felt welcomed and included at Santa Maria. Being involved in departments such as this one, I have been able to find a place where I feel I truly belong. A close second is all the amazing opportunities the school offers!

What’s one piece of advice for new students starting at Santa Maria next year?

Follow your dreams! You can achieve anything you put your mind to as long as you put in the hard work and believe in yourself! Always give things a go, the school offers so many opportunities and you would be crazy not to take them! Throughout my time at high school, I have been lucky to do things I never thought I would have. You never know what activities you may end up enjoying, it may even surprise you!

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