Meet Our 2021 Service Captain Milla

Meet Milla, our 2021 Service Captain. Milla is very passionate about service and helping those less fortunate.

Why did you apply for Service Captain?

I applied for this position because since Year 9 I have been a part of and witnessed the service community and I wanted to be a part of that strong bond and sense of friendships. I always noticed the Service Captain had a large role in bringing different Year groups together, making friends, having fun, and making a difference in society. I wanted to do the same.

I always wanted to be the Service Captain and follow on from previous leaders who have done so amazingly in promoting the spirit of giving and encouraging our school community to give back. I have always had experiences in doing service activities and I have a desire for helping the less fortunate, and I wanted others to feel the same way I do when I donate goods or help people who need it.

What do you hope to achieve in your position?

My ultimate goal in this position is to raise as many funds and goods as possible for people struggling in our world and to make a difference in their lives. I want our College community to recognise how fortunate we are to be at this school, and for our lives as a whole, as there are so many people with no homes or education. So we should be focusing on helping those people through our appeals and fundraiser days.

I ultimately want to spread awareness of the issues in our world. I also hope to achieve a community in our school, and particularly a service community, that works together towards a common goal, whether that be the SLC, as well as girls from other year groups who have a desire to help. I have experienced that sense of community and belonging in the service community and people volunteering to help in all ways in previous years. That is what I want for my year as Service Captain.

What’s your favourite thing about Santa Maria? 

My favourite thing about Santa Maria College is the number of different departments, opportunities, and activities we have. For example, we can be involved in the Service, Music, Drama, Dance, Art, or Sport departments. We can participate in activities that we love and are passionate about and feel a sense of belonging in the College. Within these departments, I also love the sense of community and inclusiveness that people can be a part of.

Within service, you are able to participate in co-curricular activities to help with issues in society and have fun while doing it, like cooking meals for the poor. Besides co-curricular, people in the service community can work together to discover initiatives to help on fundraiser days and collecting donations to achieve positive outcomes.

What’s one piece of advice for new students starting at Santa Maria next year?

One piece of advice I could offer to new students starting at Santa Maria College next year would be to take the opportunities handed to you. Find the activities you like to do, but also explore yourself by trying something new and different that you may not have done before. By trying something new you may find something that you love, something you didn’t know was an option for you before.

It is important to have a balance of school work and co-curricular activities. By taking opportunities that arise and doing co-curricular activities you enjoy, you are able to take a break and learn different skills whilst doing what you love and making the most of the extra activities the College offers you. Your school time will fly by so you must savour every moment.

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