2021 Student Executive Announced

L to R: Deputy Head Boarder, Indiana Squiers, Head Boarder, Sage Murphy, Principal Jennifer Oaten, Head Girl, Stella Hammond, Deputy Head Girl, Lucy Anderson

Today marks the beginning of the formation of the 2021 Student Leadership Council (SLC) which consists of 30 Year 12 students.

The SLC is an important group of young women who will lead the student body over the coming year, commencing in Term 4.

The first important appointments for the SLC 2021 were announced today and we congratulate the following girls:

Head Girl
Deputy Head Girl
Head Boarder
Deputy Head Boarder

Stella Hammond
Lucy Anderson
Sage Murphy
Indiana Squiers

I thank every girl who applied for a leadership role. They have completed an application, attended an interview and prepared and delivered a speech which takes much courage.

I also acknowledge the disappointment those who have missed out on the above positions may feel. I encourage them to be graceful in accepting the decision and to continue to pursue other leadership positions in the coming weeks and in the future.

We are so blessed as a College to have so many students capable of and willing to make the commitment needed to serve the College as a leader. I see every Year 12 student as a leader.

I hope each of our new leaders will be strong Mercy women who will lead the Santa Maria College community with great dignity, compassion and strength in 2021.

Congratulations to our new leaders!

Jennifer Oaten | Principal

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