2022 Cross Country Champions

We love that 2022 has given us the opportunity, once again, to change from the way things have always been done.

This year we moved the cross country off the foreshore, to a course that took the girls on a scenic route around the College. I’m not sure that the girls were so thrilled when they realised they had to run some hills but those that competed tackled the challenge enthusiastically. We had some very close races that were won on a sprint finish, and we commend the girls on their sensational racing.

The College was alive with colour as non-runners were dotted throughout the school to support their peers. It was fabulous to see our spectators also racing around the school to support the competitors at different points around the course. Blue Chip timing was once again on board to help us with the results. As usual, they have been fabulous to work with. We love that we can give our community the results immediately. A huge thank you to our Physical Education team who slotted so easily into different roles to make the morning run so smoothly.

Champion Girls

Year Group

Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12


Alyanna Mejia (Frayne)
Lolani Hatch (Dillon)
Jayde Veverka (Dillon)
Sienna Pitt (Frayne)
Isayla Foster (de la Hoyde)
Billie Mincham (Kelly)
Sophie Farrell (de la Hoyde)
Bronnie Goss (Kelly)

Runner Up

Harper Taylor (Dillon)
Bethany Jurkans (O’Donnell)
Sunny McManus (Frayne)
Chelsea Smith (Kelly)
Jessica Millard (O’Reilly)
Kallysta Lim (Kelly)
Claudia Rock (Frayne)
Sienna Menin (O’ Donnell)

Kelly House Leaders: Lilly Blair and Jorja Reeve

The final House placings are:

1st  Kelly (1418)
2nd Frayne (1550)
3rd O’Reilly (1707)
4th de la Hoyde (1952)
5th O’Donnell (2005)
6th Corbett (2026)
7th  Dillon (2040)
8th Byrne (2251)

Congratulations to everyone who ran today. 

Who knows what 2023 will bring but it’s nice to know we have a couple of fabulous courses to choose from. 

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