Mercy Grant Recipient: Sofia Basso Betancourt

Jennifer Oaten, Principal, Sofia Basso Betancourt and Gemma Varone, OGA President

Sofia Basso Betancourt (2019) was also a recipient of the 2022 OGA Project of Mercy Grant. Sofia is involved with the WA Justice Association. 

The WA Justice Association is a student-led charity that aims to reduce WA incarceration rates and improve outcomes for people coming into contact with WA’s criminal justice system. The organisation aims to effect law/policy reform through an active community of students and legal professionals closely engaged in the social justice space.

Sofia tells us how this grant will impact the Western Australia Justice Association.

On behalf of the WA Justice Association (WAJA), we are incredibly grateful to have received a portion of the Mercy Grant. Our organisation does not currently have a stable flow of income, which means contributions of any kind assists us in championing criminal justice reform in WA. The grant will enable us to create resources to distribute on behalf of WAJA, support our future community outreach events and allow us to have a reserve of funds to sustain the organisation. 

Through the many opportunities provided, WAJA has allowed me to explore my passion for criminal justice reform and has encouraged me to become more involved with the cause. As a former Santa Maria student, I am incredibly proud to be a recipient of this grant and hope to see many more organisations supported by this generosity. 

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