2022 Years 7 to 12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival


A massive congratulations to everyone who participated in the Years 7 to 12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival, held over two days on Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 February. 
The crowds were small and the heat was intense, but this did not stop the girls from putting on some fantastic performances, both in the water and poolside (shout out to Year 12 Byrne for the non-stop cheering)! 

All staff were very impressed with the House spirit that was on display. Students showed great sportsmanship, encouraging all participants regardless of House, year group and ability. There was lots of laughter, smiling, passion and teamwork – an all-around positive day for the wellbeing of the girls.

Well done to all students for beautifully representing the College and their families who could not be there to cheer on. 


COVID-19 has thrown its fair share of curveballs, one being that all students could not be in attendance at HBF Stadium on Tuesday. Things had to be done a little differently this year, with the carnival being split over a two-day period. 

Splash & Dash, an event hosted at the College on Thursday 17 February, gave all students the chance to contribute points towards the overall champion House. 

Whilst Splash and Dash is more about those who weren’t able to come to HBF, it was wonderful see some of our record breakers have a swim as well. We love that the girls put themselves out of their comfort zone to participate.  

Popular events for the day included the ‘Boogie Board Relay’ and ‘Shopping Trolley’, a first for the Year 7s and last for the Year 12s! 

Kudos to the Physical Education Department for adapting to the current COVID-19 climate and still making the carnival a fun and seamless process for the girls. It is always great seeing the College pool come alive with colour! 


With some awesome results in the pool, we are pumped to see what our Santa Maria squad can achieve at the IGSSA Swimming Carnival, to be held in a few weeks. 

Below we have included some results from the day. However, it is important to note that these House results are progressive. The Years 5 and 6 Interhouse Carnival, to be held on Thursday 3 March, will be included for the overall champion House. All we can say is that as of now, there are only a few points in it between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! 


1st – Frayne
2nd – Byrne
3rd – O’Donnell
4th – Dillon
5th – O’Reilly
6th – Kelly
7th – Corbett
8th – de la Hoyde


Year 7

Champion – Jayde Veverka (Dillon)
Runner Up – Aria Di Giuseppe (O’Donnell)

Year 8

Champion – Sienna Pitt (Frayne)
Runner Up – Zara Veverka (Dillon)

Year 9

Champion – Helen Smith (O’Reilly)
Runner Up – Eva Longstaff (Frayne)

Year 10

Champion – Alyssa Monaco (Byrne)
Runner Up – Bianca Monaco (Byrne) and Ava Forrest (de la Hoyde)

Year 11

Champion – Maya Kenny (Dillon)
Runner Up – Lexi Menin (O’Donnell)

Year 12

Champion – Kayla Monaco (Byrne)
Runner Up – Elizabeth Hughes (O’Donnell)


Year 8 Medley Relay 

Frayne                                  2.25.19

Year 9 50m Freestyle

Helen Smith (O’Reilly)           28.22 

Year 9 100m Freestyle

Helen Smith (O’Reilly)           59.82

Year 10 50m Butterfly

Alyssa Monaco (Byrne)          30.17

Year 10 50m Freestyle

Ava Forrest (de la Hoyde)     28.22
Ava now holds the 50m Freestyle record in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10! 

Year 10 100m Freestyle

Bianca Monaco (Byrne)      1.02.27



Last but not least, thank you to Emma Wood, Head of Sport, and the extended PE Team, for once again putting on a spectacular event for our students. Your hard work, passion and dedication are unmatched. 

A thank you also goes to our House Coordinators and House Captains, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the course of events over the two-day carnival ran smoothly. 

We look forward to seeing what is in store for the next College sports carnival! 

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