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3600 Seedlings Planted

The seedling planting at Blue Gum Reserve was an adventure and a half. Our adventure began bright and early at 8.00 am on Saturday morning. Alongside 32 other students from Years 10 and 11, myself, Mr De San Miguel, Ms Speranza and some parent volunteers, visited Blue Gum Reserve where we met with Bruce and some members of Sercul.

Once all of us had arrived, Bruce distributed two buckets and a tree planting tool to each of us and we headed over to join the Sercul team. Here, we were presented with a trailer with over 4000 seedlings. Our job was to remove each seedling from their pot, fill our buckets with them, and head off through the plain strip at the reserve and begin planting.

At first, using the planting tool was difficult for most of us, but after a while we got into the rhythm of things, pushing the tip of the tool into the ground, opening the beak using the lever, sliding the seedling through the pipe, then removing the planting tool from the ground. As a whole we planted around 3600 seedlings in the four hours we were there, which was an outstanding result and quite a bit over the goal we were aiming for.

After four hours of hard work, we were all rather tired, so with the wonderful help from our parent volunteers, Ms Speranza and Mrs Trolio, we had a sausage sizzle at the end of our adventure to celebrate our hard work.

This service activity was an amazing experience and has changed my opinion on gardening entirely!

Siena Monck, Year 11

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