A Beautiful Day for an Athletics Carnival

A Beautiful Day for an Athletics Carnival

After a false start, the weather for our Interhouse Athletics Carnival was stunning. Our girls were out in force to celebrate their Houses and display their athletic talents.

With over 360 events, our Athletics Carnival is designed to cater for all students, and offer a variety of events. It was fantastic to see how busy everyone was at the stadium and the sea of colour. We are always amazed and impressed at the sportsmanship and support the girls give each other before every race. Whether it is before the daunting hurdles, the gruelling 400m or the egg and spoon race, the most competitive event on the program, our girls participate with great enthusiasm.

This year we had one of our closest carnivals, which is a testament to how much heart the girls compete with. We wish the girls who have been selected for our IGSSA team well as they train over the next six weeks for the interschool event.

House Placings

  1. Kelly 5,383
  2. Dillon 5,266.5
  3. O’Reilly 5,089
  4. Corbett 5,060
  5. Frayne 4,993
  6. Byrne 4,911.5
  7. O’Donnell 4,847
  8. de la Hoyde 4,798











Willow Marshall (Corbett)

Jayde Veverka (Dillon)

Chelsea Smith (Kelly)

Parker Brindle (de la Hoyde)

Teagan Begovic (Byrne)

Maya Kenny (Dillon)

Bronnie Goss (Kelly)

Jemima Schirmer (Byrne)

Runner Up

Lolani Hatch (Dillon)

Caitlin Mapstone (de la Hoyde) & Melina Gotsis (Byrne)

Olivia Keady (Corbett)

Mia Tidy (Corbett)

Ayla Keady (Corbett)

Georgie Cleaver (de la Hoyde)

Grace Byrne (Dillon)

Indiana Squiers (de la Hoyde)      

Athletics Records

Year 6 Long Jump  – Jayde Veverka (4.32m)
Year 6 Turbo Javelin – Emily Johnstone (22.83m)
Year 6 100m  – Jayde Veverka (13.55)
Year 6 200m – Jayde Veverka (28.61)
Year 6 400m  – Jayde Veverka (1.11.73) new event
Year 5 400m – Lolani Hatch (1.19.12) new event

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