A Busy Time in Athletics

It’s been a busy time for our athletics girls. The girls started off last week with the Athletics WA Nitro event. Santa Maria took four teams this year with some fantastic results. Whilst there is unlikely to be a national event this year, it is still excellent competition practise for our squad.

Our senior team placed 3rd, the intermediate team was 6th and our junior teams placed 1st and 3rd. A big congratulations to those girls who competed, it is a long event for the girls, and they were outstanding.


This was backed up by our squad session on Friday morning. This is a vital session for our girls, as not only do we do our final run offs and selections, but it is an excellent opportunity for them to refine their skills with only two weeks until IGSSA.

We were so lucky to have Tim from EniQ join us for this session to talk to the girls about the importance of hydration when working to maintain peak performance. The girls took so much away from this session and have their own personal goals they’re working on in the lead up to IGSSA.

Our team is certainly on the right track to being ready for IGSSA on Tuesday 15 September.

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