A Day In The Life Of a Boarder

A day in the life of a boarder
When the weekends arise, boarders are most excited. Our boarding coordinators organise various recreation activities or as we call them, recs. Such activities are available for all age groups and maybe within the Boarding grounds such as movie marathons or they can be off-campus such as the South Perth markets, Garden City, Adventure World, and ice skating. On some occasions, other boarding schools within Perth also attend the same recs as us. The favourites always being the socials and river cruises.

Despite organised events that we can participate in on the weekends, we can choose to walk with a group of friends to the ‘Mile’, a small line of shops where there is a supermarket, fish and chip shop, cafes and more. Slightly further away from the Boarding campus is Melville Plaza where girls can also go to get essentials. As a Year 12 boarder I am provided with the opportunity to take a city or beach leave which involves taking public transport with at least one other peer.

Although it sounds like Boarding is very full-on with ongoing outings and adventures, we also like to utilise our weekends to wind down and enjoy each other’s company. Often girls make use of the facilities offered such as the kitchen to bake treats, table tennis, and the swimming pool. Winding down for us can also be gathering girls in the houses to watch movies in our rec rooms. As a boarder, I can definitely say my weekends are full of adventures and a time when many memories are made.

Sage Murphy, Head Boarder

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