A Great Day For Athletics

A gorgeous spring day met our athletes at the Perth Athletics Stadium as they went up against other Perth Independent Girls’ Secondary Schools. 

After a false start to the season and a delay to the carnival, our incredible athletics team has trained throughout the term, come rain, hail and shine.

Selections were incredibly difficult this year as girls who were training extensively improved their performance significantly. Overall Santa Maria finished equal 5th and we are very proud of our team.

Congratulations to our girls who achieved personal best results on the day, we had a huge number and it’s always nice to see the girls get so excited when they achieve these.

A special mention must go to our middle distance group. Not only do they compete in the events that most of us don’t ever want to run, but they also achieved their best ever results at an IGSSA carnival as a team. Additionally out of our 10 long jumpers selected, eight of these athletes recorded season-best results on carnival day.

We must extend a very big thank you to our talented group of coaches who have worked tirelessly with the girls throughout the season. Their patience, expertise and mentoring have been invaluable to our team. We now look forward to watching our Junior team compete at the JIGSSA athletics in Term 4.

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