A Mother’s Love

In today’s fragmented world, where we risk losing our bearings, a mother’s embrace is essential.

It can be said that none of us will truly comprehend how much God loves us. Nevertheless, we can discover much about the love of God from a mother’s love. In fact, it is fitting to understand that God is like the tenderest mother to us. 

Motherhood is sacred because it is part of the natural design of God for humanity. God puts into a mother’s heart a powerful love for her child. Though no mother is perfect except Our Lady, it’s good to look at the beauty of a mother’s love, though flawed at times, when using it to understand God’s love. 

The tenderness and unconditional acceptance of a mother for her child stands out as two aspects that reveal God’s love for us. Think of the love a mother has for her newborn child. Consider too, the unique and unwavering commitment of a mother to see her sick child healed. Or the comfort we find in her arms when we are afraid or hurt. God loves us infinitely more than this.

Mary, the Mother of God, helps us see ourselves as beloved children of God. The tender gaze of Mary, and the gaze of every mother is what the world needs now. Pope Francis (2019), said “A world that looks to the future without a mother’s gaze is short-sighted. It may well increase its profits, but it will no longer see others as children. It will make money, but not for everyone. We will all dwell in the same house, but not as brothers and sisters. A world in which maternal tenderness is dismissed may be materially rich, but poor where the future is concerned.”

In today’s broken world, where we risk losing our bearings, a mother’s embrace is vital especially since there is still so much dispersion, solitude and ‘disconnect’. We need to entrust ourselves to Mary our Mother who is present wherever she is needed. She is the Mother of Consolation who stands with those who are alone. She knows that words are not enough to console; presence is needed, and she is present as a mother.

Let us allow Mary to embrace our lives and take our hand as mothers take their children by the hand and lovingly introduce them to life. God himself needed a mother: how much more do we! Jesus gave Mary to us from the cross (Jn 19:27) and thus Our Lady is not an optional accessory; she has to be welcomed into our life as the Queen of Peace, who prevails over evil and leads us along paths of goodness. It is Mary who restores unity to her children and teaches us compassion.

For those whose mothers and grandmothers are still alive – cherish them this Mother’s Day. Hug, kiss, honour and thank them. For those whose mothers are no longer here, pray for them. As a Catholic faith community that bears the name of Mary, let us honour the Mother of God and ask her to pray for us and our mothers. May all our mothers be blessed this Mother’s Day!

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