A New Adventure Begins

It’s the end of one adventure and the start of another for our Year 6 students, as they move into Year 7 in 2022.

Last Friday, our Year 6 girls celebrated the end of their primary years. The day started with a beautiful Liturgy service in the Chapel with the girls’ parents in attendance. It was a time for the girls to reflect on 2021 and their primary years. After the beautiful Liturgy, morning tea was served on the Chapel lawn for students, parents, and teachers.

During the day the Year 6 students also participated in Reflection Day activities. The focus of the day was What is your vision for your future self? Students created their own vision board representing their hopes and dreams for high school. They discussed some of these questions:

  • If you could choose a topic or subject to study, what would you study?
  • What is your dream job? What would you like to be when you grow up? What kind of work would you like to do?
  • What kind of skills would you like to have, or new activities would you like to try out?
  • If you could have a special skill to help people, what skill would it be?
  • What qualities do you admire in other people?

The real fun began in the evening when the girls came back for the celebration! There was pizza, ice cream, games, and dancing. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of an era for our Year 6 students.

The Reflection Day was a tremendous success. As a teacher, I loved the opportunity to join the Year 6 girls in celebrating their year in such a special way. The liturgy allowed us to come together in thanks to God for the year that’s gone, and in preparation for the changes ahead for students.

The reflection activities of their Individuali-Tree and vision boards gave us all a chance to look back on how far the students have come this year and celebrate their growth and successes. It has been such a privilege to teach these young women and the Reflection Day was a wonderful way to celebrate the joy they all bring to us as their teachers. Kate Warchomij, Year 6 Teacher

The Year 6 Celebration Day was a perfect combination of reflection on the past, being in the present moment and looking to the future. The morning Liturgy enabled us to gather our thoughts and show true gratitude to God and the many loved ones who have supported the girls on their journey so far. The combination of the Individuali-Tree and vision boards throughout the day highlighted each girl’s uniqueness and how visualisation can help shape their future endeavours.  Lindsey Fitzgerald, Year 6 Teacher

Here are some reflections from the girls.

I liked Reflection Day because I liked reflecting on my year and the fun memories I have. I loved making the vision boards because I could think about my future and what I want to do and achieve. Ava Tinley 

I liked making the vision board during the day because I could put things on it that helped me focus on my goals for next year, and it was fun because we did it together with everyone in the class. I liked the evening celebration because I got to take fun photos with my friends, it was fun, and I can keep that forever. Sarah Stopforth 

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