A Night For Dads and Daughters

This week, Year 11 students, their dads and other guests enjoyed a fun night together. Always a highlight on the Year 11 calendar, the Dinner Dance is a celebration of all that fathers and daughters bring to each other’s lives. It was perfectly timed to be part of this week’s Father’s Day celebrations.

The Father Daughter Dinner Dance began with lots of chatter and laughter, as girls introduced their dads and special guests to everyone. It was a fantastic night, with great food, music and dancing.  Everyone showed off their moves and bonded with one another, with many friendships formed on the night.

It was lovely to have a night dedicated to appreciating and recognising all that our dads and special guests have done for us in our lives, and the part they have played in shaping us to be the women we are today. The great atmosphere and smooth running of the night would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Mrs Newton and on behalf of all girls that attended, we would like to thank her and all of the staff that attended.  It was definitely a night to remember and a special memory for us to keep with our dads and special guests.  Jasmine Chow, Year 11

The Father Daughter Dinner Dance was a great evening. The music was great, with a good combo of hits for the dads and daughters! We all had a great time dancing with our dads throughout the evening and spending some good quality time with them over dinner. It was overall a really lovely evening, much enjoyed by all the girls and their dads. Tehya Conroy, Year 11

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