A Night of Beats & Fun: Year 7 Silent Disco

Revamping our Year 7 social event with Aquinas College this year brought about an exciting change – a shift to a fun silent disco. The alteration was met with enthusiasm by the students, and their vibrant participation throughout the evening clearly signalled their contentment with this new event concept.

As the Year 7 students arrived, they stepped into a night filled with dancing and joy. Finding their rhythm, they switched between three distinct channels on their headphones, curating their own musical experiences. Once the Year 10 leaders were granted the reins to introduce some additional tracks, the dance floor came alive with energy.

Amidst the beats, the students enjoyed reconnecting with old friends from their primary school days while also forging new friendships. The animated spectacle of checking out each other’s musical choices and identifying the current favourite tunes was unmistakable, as the colours on their headphones shifted rapidly between red, blue, and green.

Following supper, the dancing resumed in full swing. The night was one full of big smiles, a testament to the genuine enjoyment experienced by the students. The level of engagement was a clear indicator of the tremendous time the attendees had, leaving them with wonderful memories of the night.

Here’s what two of our Year 7s had to say about the silent disco.

I enjoyed the social. It was fun to interact and dance with the Aquinas College boys, and I feel that everyone socialised and had fun together as a whole Year 7 group. The food was great, as well. The Year 10 leaders from both schools were amazing at helping us engage. Bonnie Nelson

The Year 7 social was such an engaging opportunity to be able to meet new people and share common interests. I had so much fun enjoying some of my favourite songs with the people around me. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and enjoyment, and the night was filled with memories that made us laugh. It was a night we will never forget. Lianne Kim

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