A Nostalgic Journey: Student Leadership Executive Reunion

The air was filled with nostalgia on Saturday 2 September, as the College welcomed back its past student Executive Leaders for the inaugural Student Leadership Executive Reunion Luncheon. The guests enjoyed a long table style two-course lunch. Head Girls, Head Boarders, and Deputies from 1971 – 2022 came together to celebrate their shared history, rekindle old connections, and relive cherished memories. 

The essence of the reunion lay in the diverse group of alumni leaders spanning over half a century. From the early 70s to the present day, these leaders have walked the same hallways and faced similar challenges in their respective roles. The event transcended generational gaps, allowing the former leaders to exchange stories and wisdom.

As the luncheon commenced, the room buzzed with conversations and laughter. Old friends and acquaintances reconnected, and new friendships were formed. It was evident that the shared experiences from their time as Executive Leaders had left an indelible mark on their lives.

Perhaps the most heart-warming aspect of the reunion was reminiscing about their favourite teachers and standout memories. Each era had its own set of educators who left a lasting impact on the students. As the alumni recounted their stories, it became clear that these teachers had not only imparted knowledge but had also played pivotal roles in shaping these women.

The success of the reunion was a testament to the enduring bonds formed during the years spent at the College. It was a day filled with happiness, nostalgia, and the warmth of shared experiences. The College extends its heartfelt gratitude to all who attended.

The Student Leadership Executive Reunion Luncheon was not just a gathering of former leaders; it was a celebration of the College’s rich history and the individuals who contributed to its legacy.

"Thank you very much for the pleasure of connecting with previous leaders of this school. My memories of Santa Maria are so warm. The school provided me with many opportunities and lifelong friends."

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to connect with all the school leaders. Lovely times remembering our school days."

"It was such a privilege to be able to come back and connect with each other on our most special and valuable memories. Very lucky to meet and hear these ladies' amazing experiences."

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