Milly Brown: A Passion for Nursing

Why did you choose the ACCESS Pathway?

I struggled in Year 10, it was a big step up in workload and content. I loved Human Biology and History, yet I wasn’t very good at them and this was frustrating. The Year 10 exams came along and they felt like the most important exams of my life. The stress and crying made it seem like I would collapse if I received bad marks.

I knew that the ATAR Pathway would not lead me to where I wanted to go. My strengths were with assignments, not tests. The ACCESS pathway would lead me to real life situations and experiences, such as work placements, and would prepare me better for the outside world.

Tell us about your Workplace Learning Placements and what you have learnt from them?

Opal Aged Care

As you get to know the residents in aged care, their individual life stories start to unravel. Many have lived through famous historical events; others have travelled the world, some fought in wars. Hearing different life stories gives you a whole new perspective on your own life.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Opal Aged Care. I experienced the personal satisfaction of knowing I was doing a job that genuinely makes a difference. There’s nothing more rewarding than walking into a room full of people smiling, knowing you’re the reason why they are happy. It became very obvious that my presence was very much welcome. The residents began to learn my name and open up about their stories. I knew that 30 minutes of my time with a person would make their whole week!

The whole experience exposed me to the jobs available in the aged care workforce after finishing my TAFE qualification. It has given me ideas of what first year university work placements would be like and if aged care is a profession, I would be interested in.

Saint John of God Hospital

Having the opportunity to do work placement at Saint John of God Hospital, Murdoch, exposed me to future work options that are relevant to me. I made many positive relationships with the nurses who showed me tasks and patients whose care was critical. The cardiac ward opened up a whole new section of nursing I didn’t realise existed. Being in this type of environment encouraged my decision even more to work in a hospital setting.

I was exposed to many patients who had recently undergone surgery and were recovering. Many patients who came in were related to cardiac issues and so, many of them were elderly. The experience assisted me with the transition of school to a work setting, giving me an insight into the diversity of employers and patients, preparing me for the demands and expectations of a hospital ward.

What Certificate Courses have you pursued?

Through the ACCESS Pathway I have had the opportunity to complete subjects/ certificates that are not accessible in ATAR, ultimately giving me the same opportunities as others to becomes just as successful.

ACCESS gave me the opportunity to complete a Certificate IV in Allied Health leading me into a health career. The Certificate IV is a good indicator of the first couple of years of nursing content while giving me lots of experience. Having this Certificate IV also gave me the opportunity to do work placement in both hospitals and aged care settings, supporting my decision to work in a health-based work setting.


What opportunities has ACCESS provided you with?

The Career & Enterprise subject has given me many opportunities and information for the future. The class focuses on the wider world and its workforce, giving us opportunities to create resumes and portfolios to boost our chances of gaining employment outside of school.

ACCESS has also given me the opportunity to be part of the Year 11 Workplace Learning Preparation Day. This enabled me to understand the standards required of the workforce and work placement. Receiving tips from professionals helped encourage me to impress employers to the best of my ability in a professional manner.

The Careers Department has been helpful in my university application and updates for university and job opportunities as we get closer to graduating. Week 10 of this term also offers exciting events such as gaining my Responsible Service of Alcohol qualification, and learning about financial literacy. I also have the opportunity to requalify in the First Aid/CPR course I initially completed in my Certificate IV. It allows me to be qualified for additional years to come. Completing my Barista course, which also is supported through the Careers Department enabled me to be exposed to a range of different qualifications which will be included on my updated resume.


ACCESS has given me the opportunity to complete a qualification that I was interested in and has given me a chance to get into university. I knew I was a practical learner, and it suits me to be engaging in a workforce that is more hands on and team based. So, completing a TAFE certificate that had those elements really helped. The ACCESS life has treated me well and is best suited to my learning style, allowing the same opportunities in a more relaxed setting.

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