A Recap of Science Week 2023

Science Week 2023, was an exciting journey under the theme ‘Innovation: Powering Future Industries.’  

As we reflect on the week’s incredible experiences, we are thrilled to share the highlights that brought science to life for our students and staff.

Celebrating the Spirit of Innovation

In 2023, National Science Week amplified the spirit of innovation as the driving force behind progress. The rapid pace of STEM innovation across sectors such as agriculture, defence, energy, and medicine highlighted our boundless potential for growth. We are fortunate to have our local scientists spearheading ground-breaking advancements on this inspiring journey.

Our Science Department curated a range of engaging activities that delved into these pivotal themes:

Reimagining Agriculture with Innovations

Our exploration into smarter agriculture in Australia was a true eye-opener. We were honoured to host Doctor Jonathan Richetti, an Agricultural Science Engineer from CSIRO, who unravelled the mysteries of an AI system designed to predict nitrogen application for farmers across diverse landscapes.

Unveiling the Marvels of Space Technology

Doctor Nikhel Gupta from CSIRO took us on a cosmic journey, shedding light on the monumental Square Kilometre Array (SKA) technology. With Australia and South Africa as hosts, this global endeavour promises to unlock the universe’s secrets through cutting-edge radio telescopes.

Culinary Adventures in Food Science

Molecular gastronomy, a fusion of science and haute cuisine, provided our students with new experiences. From liquid nitrogen to alginate spheres and alternative protein sources, they explored the boundary-pushing world of gastronomic innovation.

Pioneering Medical Frontiers

Doctor Sajib Saha from CSIRO presented research in artificial intelligence and image processing for sight-threatening eye diseases. His work illustrated the transformative potential of technology in the realm of healthcare.

Ethics and Responsible Innovation

Our students embarked on a journey into the ethical dimensions of innovation. Engaging activities, including windmill experiments and a paper plane competition, allowed them to explore the ethical implications of technological progress.

A Mesmerising Science Show

Always popular during Science Week is the Science Show provided by our Science teachers who orchestrated an enthralling show that captivated everyone. The experiments showcased the astonishing effects of extreme cold, from shattering flowers to crafting frozen culinary delights using liquid nitrogen.

Embracing Robotics

The extraordinary RoboCup display organised by our Academic Captain, Sophia Marra, was a highlight. Team Kraken’s remarkable robots, finalists of the 2023 Junior RoboCup, displayed their prowess in a fascinating performance. This initiative, fostering teamwork and coding skills, has ignited a spark of inspiration in our students.

Inspiring Science’s Next Generation

RoboCup’s legacy, spanning years at our College, was exemplified by Sophia Marra and Sophie Muir, who clinched the finals twice. Now, Sophia’s mentorship continues as she guides the RoboCup co-curricular initiative alongside staff member Chrissie Fossey.

The presentations, workshops, and interactive displays took us on a captivating journey through the realms of science. From innovative experiments to enlightening discussions that expanded our horizons, Science Week enriched us all.

We extend our gratitude to our Science staff and our enthusiastic students who embraced the spirit of scientific exploration.

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