A Special Day For Year 6s and their Grandparents

“A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.”

Grandparents Morning is always a highlight on the calendar for the Year 6 students, and this year was no different. Our grandparents always have a special place in our lives and days like this provide an opportunity to reflect on those special relationships.

Year 6 students and their teachers have been busily preparing their classrooms to showcase what the girls have been working on, ready to show off to their special visitors. The girls shared what they’ve been learning, enjoyed some fun activities and showed their visitors what they have been doing on their laptops.

The morning started with a beautiful Liturgy in the Chapel. This was followed by visits to the classrooms and concluded with a relaxed morning tea out in the sunshine.

We asked some of the girls what they thought about the morning. Here’s what they had to say.

I loved the Liturgy and spending time with my Nanna and Pops. The morning tea was delicious. Grace Fritchley, 6.10

I had my Nonno and my Pop come for Grandparents Day. I think it was very special for me because my Pop lives in Two Rocks, so he came all the way down this morning, it was hard for my Nonno to come too. I had a really good time and I think they both enjoyed it as well. When Mrs Ryan asked us to talk to each other about what we were grateful for, I told Pop I love hanging out with him at his house and painting with him, and I told my Nonno how much I love Sunday night dinners with him. It was a really special morning! Estelle Iacobellis, 6.9

I enjoyed singing in the choir and watching my Nan tear up. Bella Brady, 6.10

My two Nannas came to Grandparents Day; it was a blast! We had lots of work to show them and circuits that we had learnt about in science. I was so sad when it came to an end because it was super fun with them. It was recess when they left but most of the Year 6s couldn’t eat because we were already too full from morning tea. Freya Horvath, 6.8

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