A Tribute to their Idols

Performing in front of a large audience is daunting at the best of times, but for our Years 8 – 10 music bands, it was an experience they excitedly looked forward to.

After weeks of rehearsals, the girls took to the stage in front of their peers, parents, and staff. Guests were treated to a concert featuring the Music class bands paying tribute to some of their favourite bands. The acts included Abba, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson and Queen. Students not only performed their songs but also did their best to dress up as their idols.

The 90-minute concert also included performances from two of our music tutors, Kelly Read and Taylor Cutts. It was wonderful to see the girls supporting each other on the night with the Years 11 and 12 musicians turning up to see the show.

Here are comments from some of the Year 10 students who performed on the night.

Such an innovative idea to create a new show that we could be involved in. I loved the dressing up aspect and being able to show off all our hard work to other music students! Georgie

 The Tribute Night was a great event filled with lots of atmosphere. Everyone was very supportive of each other, from the Year 8s doing their first performances to the tutors’ performance. Brianna

I think the Tribute Night concert was a good experience because we got to perform lots of songs by the same artist and dressing up in costumes was fun. Ciara

The Tribute Night was a great way to celebrate and present a term of hard work, with an amazing group of talented people. Eydie

It was so inspiring to see what everyone else performed, it really gave me an insight into the music the other years enjoyed, and you could really see how much work had gone into everyone’s performances. Evie

Tribute Night was one of my favourite experiences so far in Music. The transformation from our first session until our performance was amazing and it showed what our hard work could achieve. I was so happy and proud of our band! Zima-Jade

Tribute night was a wonderful experience for me from the practise sessions to the concert itself, I enjoyed it thoroughly and enjoyed spending time with my friends, I did come home a bit shaken as my legs hurt a bit from standing upright for too long, but the costumes and the live audience made it worth it. I hope it will grow in future years.’ Bethany

‘A phenomenal experience that is a good way to introduce the younger years to a Rock Your Socks Off type experience, it was also nice to see the Year 11s and Year 12s cheering us on!’ Vanessa

This was an amazing night filled with lots of support and fun. We all put hours of individual time into the performance, as well as hours we put in together as a band and it all paid off. It was an exciting night and everyone performed really well. Tessa 

Tribute Night was my first performance in Music class, and it truly couldn’t have gone better. I loved that we got to have the opportunity to pay tribute to some great bands. Amelia 

Tribute Night was an amazing experience, every band chose and paid tribute to some amazing artists and bands, from the Year 8s, doing their first-ever performance, to the Year 10s doing their third, every performance was brilliant. I’ve had ABBA stuck in my head ever since. Charlotte

I enjoyed performing with bandmates and watching the audience enjoy every song from the Year 8s to the Year 10s. Every performance was as excellent as each other and the costumes looked amazing. Ashleigh

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