A Unique Performance by Old Girl Julia Hales

You Know We Belong Together at the State Theatre Centre. This performance was written and performed by Julia Hales, a past student from the Class of 1998.

You Know We Belong Together is a story of love; that force of nature that strikes like lightning into our hearts. Family, friends and lovers are all part of Julia Hales’ deeply personal account of her experiences as a daughter, actor, dreamer and person with Down syndrome. She brings with her the voices and aspirations of a community rarely seen on stage in an uplifting performance with video, dance and song.”

Below are some of the reflections on the performance from our Year 11 Drama students:

You Know We Belong Together was a unique performance in a very different and original style. Julia Hales invited the audience on a journey with her as she told her own personal story about living as a Down syndrome person. It was emotional, educational and constantly engaging, whilst raising awareness about disabilities. Julia’s performance was upbeat, funny and the play conveyed her sense of humour. It was welcoming, comfortable and celebrated our differences. It opened my eyes and shifted my perspective on disabilities and the people who deal with them. Tahlia Menner

This play impacted me in a way like no other. It moved and shifted my perspective on people that I never really knew about. It informed me about the issues that Down syndrome people deal with, and how we should treat these issues to help them. The show opened my eyes to a new perspective of how I see Down syndrome people and it changed me in a way like no other performance I have been to. Angelina Wright

This performance completely shifted my perception of individuals with Down syndrome. I’ve learnt that it’s not about what or who defines you, it’s about how you define yourself. We are all humans just trying to navigate relationships, love and find our way in this crazy world as life throws bumps into the road we are travelling on. Ciara Sadler

I really enjoyed the inclusive nature of the show. It was focussed more on the educational and emotional aspects of living with Down syndrome, so the audience felt more involved with the show. It felt more genuine to me because the actors and the playwright were people who have experience living with those experiences. Tolu Sorunmu

Julia Hales produced a unique performance that engaged with the audience to create an understanding of what it is like to have Down syndrome and to focus on all the positives of dealing with a disability. My perspective towards people with disabilities has been widened and it makes me appreciate how different people’s lives can be. The show helped us to celebrate everyone’s differences, and to discover that everyone has talents of their own, no matter who that are. Lana Salvucci

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