A Very Loud Silent Disco

“It was very loud!” Not something you’d expect to hear about a silent disco, but that’s exactly what Year 8 student Amelie Mateljan said.

The Year 8s enjoyed their silent disco social with CBC Fremantle last Friday evening. “This was our first silent disco social, and although we thought it may be a quiet affair, we were wrong!” said Tanya Hicks, Dean of Year 8.

The Santa Maria girls and CBC boys danced and sang loudly to the music, taking the occasional break from the dance floor to socialise over supper in Riverside in the McDonald Building. The girls were really fortunate to partake in the social just prior to Perth going into lockdown.

Eva Longstaff said she really enjoyed the silent disco. “It was really fun and a great night to socialise and dance!

Eden-Lee Thompson said, “The Year 8 social with CBC was fun. I especially had a good time dancing with some of my friends. We all had an awesome time, and it was an awesome way to get to know each other and the CBC boys better.”

“I had a great time at the social dancing with my friends and getting the opportunity to meet new people and I hope we can do something similar again in the future”, commented Emma McDonnell

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