A Wrinkle in Time

The Middle School Production of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ hit the stage over the weekend. Sixty students were involved, including acting, and technical roles such as lighting, sound, and stage management. The cast and crew participated in four shows running over the weekend.

This production began at the start of Term 3 and is the only live production to be held at Santa Maria this year. Everyone worked feverishly over the course of seven weeks to bring the story of Meg Murray to life. 

A Wrinkle in Time follow’s the journey of Meg, her brother Charles Wallace and school friend Calvin as they cross the expanse of time and space to save the Murrays’ father. The play highlights how history’s great, social, and political figures have been beacons of light for our world and how the power of one can make a difference. This is a message that I felt was exceptional relevant for 2020 and the year that has been. It is my hope that the girls involved in the production will take on this message of hope and strength as they reflect on this year.

The production was a colourful one with the use of hundreds of led lights in the form of a back screen which helped to transport the audience through galaxies and solar systems. We are proud of the journey we undertook over the course of this production and would like to congratulate all students and staff involved in bringing this story to life.

Joanne Hennessy, Director

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