Abigail’s Creative Cards: Having Fun & Fostering Connections

Creativity thrives at Santa Maria College, and one young student is leaving an indelible mark with her innovative ‘partnering cards.’ Abigail Sheehan, a Year 7 student with a vibrant imagination, has injected a sense of fun and camaraderie into the Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS) Department. Let’s delve into the story of this young student and the impact she’s made.

Abby’s journey started with a set of partnering cards owned by her HASS teacher, Gemma Sharp. These cards were crafted to encourage student interaction and collaboration, invaluable tools for nurturing communication and connections within the classroom. Inspired by this concept, Abigail’s creative instincts sprang to life. “Miss Sharp’s set of partnering cards inspired me to design some of my own,” she confesses.

Abby with her HASS Teacher, Gemma Sharp

Abby’s motivation ran deeper. “My initial idea was to create some for my Mum to use in her teaching,” she shares. Her aim? To craft a resource that would not only benefit her mother but also enhance the learning experiences of fellow students.

Abby’s artistic talents shone as she dove into the project. Employing the design tool Canva, she skilfully blended images with creative food pairings. Among her personal favourites are “You are Soy Sauce, find Sushi” and “You are Cupcakes, find Cake.” With these captivating pairings, she created a collection of visually appealing cards guaranteed to ignite the imagination of all who used them.

Abby’s hard work and dedication paid off when she proudly presented her creation to Miss Sharp. The response surpassed her wildest expectations. “She loved them,” Abby exclaims with joy. Gemma was so impressed that she generously shared the cards with the entire HASS department.

Year 12 Hass students using Abby's cards

Abby holds grand aspirations for her cards. “I hope that my partnering cards will help students collaborate with a broader range of peers,” she explains. Her primary goal is to cultivate a sense of inclusivity, encouraging students to engage with individuals they might not have interacted with otherwise. “This will help build their social and communication skills,” she said, emphasising the significance of these skills in forming meaningful relationships.

Yet Abby’s mission goes beyond fostering connections. She aims to infuse the learning process with an extra layer of enjoyment. Her cards bring an element of playfulness into the classroom, ensuring that students not only learn but also have fun in the process.

Year 7 HASS students using Abby's cards

As Abby discusses her cards, her deep passion for education becomes obvious. “I do have an interest in becoming a teacher one day,” she reveals. She is possibly interested in teaching music or, potentially, becoming a primary school teacher, like her mum.

Abby serves as an inspiring testament to the impact a single student can have when driven by creativity and a vision to make education a more engaging and inclusive experience. Her partnering cards, with their vibrant colours and imaginative pairings, have brought smiles to the faces of HASS students.

Well done, Abby!

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