Academic Care

We are so very proud of our boarders and their resilience towards their remote learning at home. The courage and bravery they had in asking for support and help did not go unnoticed. We are also very grateful to the many teachers and staff who provided such incredible support to the boarders whilst they were at home. We are thrilled to have a full Boarding House again.

We are delighted to inform parents that additional academic support frameworks have begun to be implemented across all Year groups within Boarding.

  • Students in the Year 12 ACCESS and Year 11 ACCESS pathways have specific support sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings with Vanessa Carmody.
  • Maths tutoring for boarders is offered each Wednesday with Fan Li at 3.30 pm at the College.
  • English tutoring for boarders is offered each Wednesday with Meg Anderson at 6.30 pm in the Boarders Recreation Centre.
  • Additional Science support is provided on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with Lisa Shelley and Charmaine Samuels.
  • RE and HASS support is on Wednesday and Thursdays with Melissa Trolio
  • General academic support to improve study skills, organisation, assessment structure, research skills are also available Monday to Thursday with the above-mentioned study tutors

During these past couple of weeks, we have had the opportunity to participate in a study session dedicated toward the ACCESS pathway by Mrs Carmody. I have benefited so much from this study opportunity. The ACCESS pathway, at times, requires collaborative learning. Coming together every Thursday has helped me understand my work more and achieve the marks I have always wanted. I highly recommended this way of study as I know my peers and I have gained much more insight into our studies and how we learn.
Ella Lydeamore, Bertrand House

Mrs Carmody offered all ACCESS pathway girls a study session, every Monday for Year 12s and Thursday for Year 11s. This gives us more study time with someone who can help us when we are stuck. I like the discussion that takes place during these study sessions, it is a great way to talk to everyone and work together. I have definitely benefited by doing these sessions and I encourage all ACCESS boarders to participate.
Chloe Smith, Bertrand House

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