Academic Care

I have had many conversations with parents regarding the academic care of their daughter/s. This has been fantastic as it allows us as a community to work with each other to best meet individual student needs.

Part of caring for your daughter requires conversations with the Deans, the House Mothers and the Study Tutors. Each of these people has been invaluable in their academic care and support of your daughters. We are a team, and we are here to support your daughter’s needs. Please let us know if we can help your daughter.

Below is a table outlining the study expectations for each year group.

Year 10

One way that we are helping the Year 10 girls is by running a separate ‘study skills’ session. This session focuses on:

  • What is study?
  • How do I know if I am effective with my study?
  • What strategies work best for me?

A booklet has been developed to help the girls transition from supervised study to independent study, based on what the girls have told us their needs are. We will provide a copy of this to parents once we have shared it to the girls this Thursday.

What are Years 7, 8 & 9s to bring to study? 

  • A full water bottles
  • Earphones if you would like to listen to music
  • College Planner – this is an absolute must!
  • Chargers for your laptops as they may not be recharged from school
  • A novel
  • Any necessary stationery
  • Once Years 7 – 9 students are at study, they are not able to go back to their boarding houses (due to duty of care). Students will need to ensure they have everything they need for study before they leave their House. 

Vanessa Carmody, Deputy Head of Boarding

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