ACCESS Links Students to Life Beyond School

The wonderful thing about our ACCESS programs is they blur the line between school and the real world. Our girls have a real taste of life beyond school and gain useable qualifications. This week has been especially significant in this regard. Our Year 11 ACCESS and Year 12 ACCESS students have all been treated to special programs catering to their needs at this point in their education journey.

Year 12 ACCESS Transition Program

This program is designed to assist Year 12 students moving forward after Year 12. Activities included the opportunity to gain a Barista certificate, First Aid qualification, and a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate. Also included are a full day of beauty, financial literacy, and a farewell lunch with their cohort and Year 12 ACCESS teachers.

Head of Careers and VET, Maryanne Hughes said, “We started the Transition Week six years ago so we could provide opportunities for students to gain employment and qualifications. We want to make sure they are a step ahead of the competition when they start looking for work.”

Year 11 ACCESS Work Place Learning Preparation Day

The goals of the Year 11 program were:

  • To provide students with information and the opportunity for Q & A about Work Place Learning
  • To identify opportunities and make connections with industry speakers
  • To prepare for the transition from school to the workplace

The speakers included specialists in personal presentation and nutrition. There were also experts at teaching strategies and practices for managing stress. The girls were highly engaged and enjoyed the expertise the speakers were able to offer:

“Thanks to Mr Keskinidis for today. I really enjoyed it and thought it was very beneficial for our workplace next term. One thing I enjoyed was getting a better understanding of what’s appropriate to wear in the workplace and how important it is to dress for your job.” Taylah Figliomeni

“Jessica Fowles session on make-up was really interesting and I loved the whole presentation she gave. The yoga was really fun and enjoyable because it wasn’t too serious and we did some fun challenges. “ Holly Nuich

“Thank you for providing the access girls with such an interesting day. It was enjoyable, and I know every one of us found it beneficial in one way or another. I really enjoyed it and it gave me an insight into what it is like in the workplace.” Brittany O’Connell

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