Acknowledging Academic Achievement at Santa Maria College

I have been asked at times whether we acknowledge academic success in the same way as we acknowledge sporting successes within the College. I have also heard some parents query our system of academic awards, perhaps not being fully aware of how we acknowledge academic effort and achievement.

How do we acknowledge academic achievement?

  • Grades and marks on reports
  • Feedback on assessments
  • Emails home to parents
  • Achievement certificates each semester – awarded to top 5% of Year group in a course
  • Endeavour certificates each semester – awarded to students who have shown individual improvement and effort.
  • Achievers Club – awarded to top 10% of each year level awarded each Semester, based on a number of A grades achieved.
  • Subject awards at Awards Night – awarded to top student/s in course

Why do we have an Achievers Club to acknowledge our top-achieving students?

  1. Because Education is our core business
  2. Excellence is one of our core values
  3. Being in the Achievers Cub does not mean perfect marks in all subjects, but rewards consistent efforts over time
  4. Students have achievements in other areas acknowledged through:
  • Sports (summer and winter) colours
  • Champion/Runner up Champion Girl for swimming, athletics, cross country
  • Performing Arts (Music, Drama, Dance) colours
  • Visual Arts colours
  • Service, cultural (Public Speaking, Debating, Mock Trials) colours
  • Media colours
  • Individual successes acknowledged in the News Blog

Often, students who are talented in sports are recipients of several Colours awards during their time at the College, as they are able to participate in both summer and winter sports in one year.

Publicly acknowledging academic achievement may motivate some students to continue to apply themselves to their full potential. The subject awards at the end of the year acknowledge one top student in a subject, which does not give credit to those who perform well across a number of subjects. The Achievers Club acknowledges students who perform well in a number of subjects, even though they may not be the best or top student in any course. Students who do Years 11 and 12 ACCESS or ATAR are eligible to be in Achievers Club.

As most courses in Years 7 – 10 are not streamed, this is a way to encourage our high performing students.  Among other areas such as Drama, Dance and Music, Santa Maria is known for its Academic results and our awards publicly acknowledge those girls who continue to excel.

Our wonderful students at Santa Maria College have many different talents, which deserve celebrating. Whether it is in the arts, sporting, cultural, service or academic fields, students should be acknowledged for their efforts, particularly when they are performing to a high standard. I congratulate all students who have achieved success in Semester 1 and hope that you continue to work towards maintaining your excellent efforts for the remainder of the year.

Simone Sawiris, Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

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