Advocacy Project – Students Help Women in Need

Zonta House, with students and staff volunteering their time over the past 10 years. Home Economics has had the privilege to again connect with Zonta House through a special advocacy project.

The Year 12 Children, Family and Community Studies (CFC) course recently decided to assist Zonta House through their final advocacy project. The project was designed to provide an opportunity for students to connect with, and further develop, empathy by supporting women in need. During the project, students enjoyed a cooking session in the Home Economics kitchen, producing bundles of delicious muffins; they assembled cleaning packs, and collected women’s clothing and accessories from their families and friends to be distributed to Zonta House.“Everyone knows about the importance of a home and being able to feel comfortable and secure in your own home but for many women home is a place of pain and humiliation. Our CFC class is trying to play a part in making women who have experienced domestic violence feel like they are loved and that there are people who care about them and their wellbeing.” Olivia Lloyd

“It is confronting to see that girls our age, and younger, are facing the effects of domestic violence daily. Working as a part of our CFC task with Zonta House has comforted me in realising that there are people out there who are working hard to improve the lives of women who have been impacted by family violence”. Brooke Maricic

At the start of this task I didn’t understand how prevalent this issue was. I have now come to realise that our whole community is affected by domestic violence and it is organisations like Zonta House that we all need to get behind in helping this concerning issue”.  Madison McDowall

“It is very confronting to learn how many women are seeking refuge at Zonta House and needing support from the community including cleaning supplies and clothes. I have learnt that helping others brings us closer as a class and makes us feel that we as a class can make a difference”. Hannah Wrathall

Meghan Franzinelli, Home Economics Teacher

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