Aimee Dances in Canberra

‘This Poisoned Sea’, Quantum Leap’s 2017 work.

Over the July holidays, I rehearsed for 12 days with the rest of the QL2 ensemble. In the second week, I flew to Canberra again for their performance week where, over 12 hour days, we rehearsed and blocked the show, and finally performed five shows at the Canberra Playhouse.

This opportunity has given me much mental and physical, growth. It has challenged me to break out of my comfort zone in order to reach my full potential as a dancer. Another highlight was working with young people my age that are so passionate about attaching meaning to the movement they create. They can combine the art-from of dance with protest and awareness raising, and I think that is something truly special that I will continue to take on into my future dancing endeavours.

Aimee Kunnen, Year 12

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