Alicia and Scarlett to Play for their State

Alicia Tory and Scarlett Huston

After three tough trial sessions, the Under 18s women’s and men’s State hockey squads were announced recently, showcasing the amazing talent of young Western Australian players.

Named in this group were two Santa Maria students, Alicia Tory (Year 12) and Scarlett Huston (Year 11).

Scarlett has been playing hockey for 10 years and plays for the Melville City Hockey Club. When asked what she loves most about hockey, she said “I love the hockey community. It has really helped me grow as a person, on and off the field. I also love the intensity of the game and the endless new things you can learn and improve on. This is Scarlett’s fifth time playing at state level.

Alicia has been playing for 12 years. She said she’s been around hockey her whole life with two older sisters who also play. Alicia plays for the WASPs hockey club in South Perth. “The thing I love most about hockey is the team environment”, she said. “You are never alone in what you do, whether it be win, lose, or draw, which is special. You become really close with your team and you can share special moments with them and share a sport you love, which creates life-long friendships. I also love the high-intensity nature of the sport and being able to perform and train with some of the best players in the state. Alicia has also represented her state five times, the first being in U12s.

As part of the squad, the girls will train hard. Alicia explains, “On a Monday and Wednesday we will focus on skills and fitness. Then on Sundays, we will have game-like training where we play scratch matches against other senior club sides.

We wish Alicia and Scarlett all the best as they participate in the U18 National Championships in Cairns in April.

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