All Things Photography at Huzzard Studios

Educational excursions give our students unique opportunities to explore the world beyond their textbooks.

This week, students in Year 9 studying Digital Media & Photography were given the exciting opportunity to visit Huzzard Studios in the heart of the Perth CBD. Covering an impressive 4,000 square metres and spread over four floors, Huzzard Studios is one of the largest photographic studios in Australia.

Accompanied by their teacher, Jessica Ieritano, students were keen to gain practical experience in a professional photography studio environment and experiment with various lighting equipment.

During the visit, students could rotate between two studio spaces, each featuring five different lighting setups and backdrops. This allowed them to gain hands-on experience in capturing portrait images, modelling, and assisting with lighting equipment setup.

The students were also encouraged to think creatively about the composition of their photographs, the positioning of the lighting equipment, and how these factors impact the overall outcome of the image. The experience provided an invaluable opportunity for the students to expand their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.

Before commencing their photo-shoot sessions, our students participated in a studio lighting workshop by Chris Huzzard, a professional photographer and studio proprietor.

During the workshop, Chris covered various aspects of lighting and photography, such as DSLR camera theory and configuration, photo editing techniques, and working safely in a studio space while complying with Work Health and Safety regulations.

This was an excellent chance for our students to interact with an expert, and it equipped them with the skills to troubleshoot any potential photography issues that could arise during their photo shoots.

Here is what a couple of the girls had to say about their excursion at Huzzard Studios:

The photography excursion was an amazing experience. It taught me a lot about studio lighting and allowed me to look into the eyes of professional photographers. This excursion also brought me closer to my peers, and there were many laughs. Layla Morris

I thought the photography excursion was a good opportunity to experiment and explore. I particularly enjoyed the ‘dark’ studio room, as I was able to play around with the lighting and change the moods in my images. I learnt that even though photography can be very technical, it gets easier as you practice more and explore your ideas. Zoe Morris

Awesome work, girls. Now we know who to reach out to if we want to learn a thing or two about photography!

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