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On Saturday 22 October, I was very proud to attend the 2017 Valedictory dinner on behalf of the OGA Committee to welcome the newest members of the Santa Maria Old Girls Association, the Year 12 students.

While they have only just become members of the OGA, they have already done so much for the group – creating a legacy, the foundations of what it is to be an Old Girl.

Each of them has a story to share – early morning music rehearsals, leadership speeches, sporting competitions, artistic creations, theatrical performances, academic achievements, and so many more.

I reminded them that one of the most important aspects of being an Old Girl is that they are connected to other old girls and their stories, and that being an OGA member means celebrating the achievements of Santa Maria women, looking back on the great memories experienced at the College, maintaining friendships, and giving back and helping other Old Girls and current Santa Maria students in their endeavours.

I took the opportunity to pay tribute to retiring Principal Ian Elder who has helped to instil in every Santa Maria student the values that make them strong Santa Maria women, and welcomed old girl and incoming Principal Jen Oaten as living proof of the strong sense of connection that binds us to Santa Maria.

To formally welcome the Year 12 students as the newest members of the OGA, they were all given a necklace and pendant with the SMC logo on it and the year of their graduation.  The OGA hopes this small memento will serve as a reminder of each girl’s time at the College and a continued connection to each other and to Santa Maria.

Natacha Hammond (nee Fic Class of 1985)

OGA Committee Member

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