Mentor Project

The Mentor Project continues to grow from strength to strength, with each month.  Below is a reflection about the special relationship between one of our mentors and students, Claire Meyerkort (2004) and Ilenia Monaco (Year 9 IGNITE student).

I have found the OGA Mentor Project very beneficial. Having a mentor is great because you have someone experienced to talk to about schooling ups and downs. The mentors have gone through what we are currently going through as students, and can offer their knowledge and guidance about how we should deal with and do certain things. My mentor Claire and I have created a lovely bond through regularly checking in with each other and catching up from time to time. Claire has helped me with many things, especially deciding on my subjects for Year 10. She has given me an insight on how transitioning from Santa Maria College, to university, to work, really is in an ever-changing world. Claire and I have known each other from the start of the year, and I am sure we will continue our special bond for many years to come.

Ilenia Monaco


I was excited to get involved in the Mentor Project. The first meeting was a group gathering at the school. I think it’s fair to say that both mentors and mentees were equally excited, as well as a little apprehensive! It was wonderful to meet my mentee Ilenia and begin to get to know each other.

Since the first meeting Ilenia has given me a tour of the school, it is incredible to see the changes! We have also met up outside school and learnt a bit more about each other, sharing stories of our recent travels. We definitely have some common interests and hearing about what Ilenia is up to, reminds me of some of my own decisions, challenges and achievements that I faced at the same time. I am learning a lot from the mentoring process and I’m looking forward to developing our mentoring relationship even more.

Claire Meyerkort

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