Service Program

Part of the OGA Service Program, calls upon volunteers to assist senior members with various duties – cleaning, gardening, transport etc.

Last weekend, a group of Old Girls had the opportunity to assist and sprang into action!

Armed with dusting cloths, Jacqui Daniels (1986), Lyn Street (1966), Tundra Pickett (1986), Maddie Lim (2014) Catherine Quan (2014) and myself arrived in the beautiful garden area of Kalamunda, had a lovely cuppa and then set to work. 

It was fun working in a group, reminiscing about school days with our host and chatting to her and each other.  The time went quickly and when we left, it was very satisfying to leave our host to convalesce in peace without worrying about those awkward jobs that had caused her to contact us. It was also lovely to meet up with another Old Girls, from a varity of years.

Any OGA member requiring assistance is more than welcome to call Jacqui on 6330 0279.

Gwen Wood (1963)

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