Alumni Profile – Rebecca McIntyre (2015)

In November 2018 I began work with the Freedom Fairies, one of Perth’s leading children’s entertainment companies, to create and run their costume department. It was a wonderful and challenging experience that helped solidify my confidence as a costume practitioner. This job gave me the stability I needed while preparing for my last unit at university, a work placement at a performing arts company.

Now, I am so incredibly fortunate that I have been accepted into the Cirque du Soleil wardrobe team as an intern for their Singapore tour of the show Kurios. It is so rewarding to be finishing off my university degree working for the company that I wrote my entrance essay about.

My goal is to try all areas of costuming and travel the world with different shows. My main goal is to be constantly learning, growing and developing my skills.

All roads come with bumps, and you just have to get up and keep going. Nobody is going to stop for you. The biggest challenges I have faced are when the workload, be it studies or employment, take over your life, leaving no time or energy for recovery. It is in these moments that mistakes are made and decisions feel like life or death. Self-care during such stressful times is incredibly important as it allows you to stay calm and gain a more universal perspective of situations you are dealing with.

My path diverted in Year 11 when I chose the arts, instead of following my family into the world of science. This threw me into the flow of performing arts, a constantly changing and growing industry of passionate people doing wonderful things. I hope my path is always changing!

There are so many things that I am passionate about. Plants, cooking, family, art, sewing, costume construction, people, animals, children, yoga. But the thing that links all of these areas is learning. I am so incredibly passionate about learning, and letting people met and situations encountered become teachers in themselves.

I don’t know yet what life’s biggest lesson is, and I am quite content in admitting that. Maybe that in itself is a lesson; be humble in the knowledge that you will never know everything and there is always more to discover.

My advice for students is to find the things that make you want to work hard, and then work hard at them. If you don’t know what those things are, then try out all the things that make you happy, slowly narrowing them down to what gives you drive. Work hard and make the opportunities you want to take, don’t sit back and hope they come to you.

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