Andrea’s Mercy Gift

Earlier this year, we showcased the handiwork of Andrea Dopson in the News Blog. Andrea, who is a Religious Education teacher, designed and created four hand-made altar cloths for our College Chapel. They featured the Mercy Cross and symbols for our House system and our commitment to working with First Nation Peoples. 

When that story was shared, we received a request from Emmanuel College in Warnambool, Victoria. They were so impressed with her work that they asked Andrea for a pattern for her altar cloths, so they could make one too.

Rather than sending the pattern, Andrea made an altar cloth for the Victorian College using Indigenous patterns and again featuring the Mercy Cross.

We received a heartfelt thank you from the College. The principal, Peter Morgan, was overwhelmed at Andrea’s generosity and Mercy spirit. He said Emmanuel will commence 2021 with a special liturgy and at that event, they will be using the altar cloth for the very first time.

In the image above, you may recognise Mia Smith who is photographed with Peter Morgan. Mia attended Santa Maria until earlier this year when her family relocated for work. They moved to Victoria and Mia is attending Emmanuel College. She provides another lovely link between our two Mercy communities.

Andrea Dopson, with one of the altar cloths she made for Santa Maria College.
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