Annika Selected for Education Department Languages Video

Year 6 student Annika Conte was recently selected to participate in a Languages video for the Education Department after being put forward by Linda MacDonald, Head of Languages at Santa Maria. In her spare time, Annika also performs with a theatre group called Stelle Nascenti. We chatted with Annika about the video experience and her involvement with Stelle Nascenti.

Did you enjoy being in the Italian Language video?

Yes, I did enjoy being in the Italian video. This is because I got to meet new children who also want to pursue their Italian culture and help other children at school with the Italian language and culture.

What did you have to do in the video?

In the video, we had to learn our lines and act in front of a green screen. The part I played was a girl in the park with a friend, being interviewed on what we do at the park. I also played the role of a girl organising a surprise party for a friend.

What was the best part?

The best part about being involved was meeting people who understand when I talk in Italian. It is so awesome to speak another language with other people my age and be able to have a good conversation on so many fun things.

What is Stelle Nascenti?

Stelle Nascenti is a young theatre group for children who speak Italian. This enables us to speak Italian and learn new skills in Italian, as you would at any Australian theatre group. It is so much fun and gives you so many good skills like acting, speaking Italian and it also gives you friends.

What does Stelle Nascenti mean?

Stelle Nascenti means ‘Rising Stars’. To me, this means we are young children speaking Italian and showing others and helping them understand this beautiful language and we are soon to rise to the adult theatre group and help other adults to learn Italian and enjoy its culture.

How long have you been involved with the theatre group?

I joined the theatre group late last year. I got involved because my older brother was involved last year and my dad said he thought it was good practice for public speaking and speaking Italian.

What sort of performances have you been involved in?

Short comedy acts are the main performances I have been involved in. Things like a twist on ‘Little Red Riding Hood and ‘Robin Hood’. They are short but a good way to entertain people and help them speak Italian.

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