Course Spotlight: What is Applied Information Technology?

AIT or Applied Information Technology is an acronym that often gets thrown around, but do you actually know what it means?

We’re here to tell you a little bit about it and help you understand why AIT is a course your daughter should definitely consider.

AIT is offered as an ATAR course for students in Years 11 and 12.

Unlike any other course, it will expose your daughter to an array of technical issues that affect the modern world. This includes social media, cyberbullying, work/life balance, creator’s rights, and how the law is applied to technology use.

The course will also allow your daughter to examine new emerging technologies, such as machine learning, drones, smart devices, and collaborative software, that are found in homes and modern workplaces.

By the end of Year 12, she will have learned how to design apps and websites, as well as create her own computer network designs.

AIT is extremely hands-on, with project work taking up 40% of the course mark! The other 60% is made up of short answer assessments, including multiple-choice, extended response, and exams, of course.

Zoe Bolden, a current Year 12 student who chose to study AIT, could not speak highly enough of the course.

“I love that this course is so different from all of my subjects. The structure of the content puts a large emphasis on the projects, which I absolutely love.”, says Zoe.

Melissa Marshall, Head of Digital Innovation and AIT teacher, says, “By completing this course, once students are in the workforce, they will be able to adapt flexibly to different problems in front of them and solve them using this wonderful thing called technology!”.

Whether your daughter has an eye for design, is fascinated by hardware and software, or just generally loves to problem solve and take on new challenges, AIT may be just the right fit for her!

For more information on how AIT could be suited to your daughter’s needs, feel free to get in touch with Melissa on 6330 0242.

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