Aquatic Adventures: A Recap of the Year 9 Marine Science Trip to AQWA

Last Thursday, the Year 9 Marine Science classes embarked on an excursion to The Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA). We spoke to Ailsa Harris, Head of Science, who shared her insights about the enlightening day:

From the moment they stepped foot into AQWA, students were greeted by a kaleidoscope of colours and a symphony of marine life. The aquarium’s expansive exhibits offered a glimpse into the habitats of creatures ranging from the majestic sea turtles to the elusive sea dragons, captivating the imagination and sparking curiosity at every turn.

Guided by knowledgeable instructors, students embarked on a journey of discovery, learning about the intricate relationships that sustain these underwater ecosystems. They explored the delicate balance of marine biodiversity, discovering the importance of conservation efforts in preserving these invaluable habitats for future generations.

Beyond the educational aspect, the excursion fostered a sense of appreciation and stewardship for the marine world. Students left AQWA not only with a wealth of knowledge but also with a newfound respect for the delicate interconnectedness of life on our planet.

As they returned to their classrooms, these Year 9 students carried with them memories of an unforgettable journey into the depths of marine science. They particularly enjoyed observing the fish in the coral reef where they were asked to decipher where and how the fish eat and how fast the fish is able to move by looking at tail shape.

In a world where understanding and protecting our oceans is more crucial than ever, experiences like the Year 9 Marine Science Excursion to AQWA serve as invaluable opportunities to inspire the next generation of marine scientists and conservationists.

Here is what some of the students had to say:

The AQWA excursion was very enjoyable and informative. My favourite part of this excursion was being able to observe the fish and their features while they fulfilled their daily routine. Being able to explore the aquarium in our own time gave us the chance to extend our knowledge of the prior visits to AQWA as a kid. The interactions with staff, students and the public made the experience more exciting. Olivia Lilley

Going to AQWA was such a fun and educational experience. We toured the aquarium by ourselves, giving us freedom to be able to explore the wonderful exhibits full of interesting and beautiful marine life. I made so many new memories with my friends and left with a lot of new information. Claudia Taylor-Beard  

I loved the AQWA excursion, and I loved how it was operated to just look around in our own ways. We got to interact with other people who also there and look at animals I don’t think I have ever seen before. My favourite part of this excursion, (and the aquarium) was an observation tank under sea level, that was very large and contained so many species of fish all just floating in a routine, which was very mesmerizing because it was one of the largest tanks in the Southern Hemisphere, so I took the chance to just watch the small species of fish interact with one another. It was so calm in different parts of the centre where my friends and I observed different features and behaviours of small fish, sea urchins, octopi, sharks, jellyfish, and turtles. Being able to experience this at a whole another level was quite interesting because we were able to see a lot more compared to when I have visited as a kid. It was certainly an excursion to remember, and I loved being given the chance to further expand our knowledge on the animals who live in Western Australian waters, both north and south. Jade Auret

This excursion proved to be an unforgettable memory for the Year 9 students. As they delved into the depths of exploration, they not only discovered the marvels of the ocean but also gained a profound understanding of its vital role in preserving our planet and safeguarding our precious marine ecosystems. We would like to thank Ailsa and the Year 9 students for generously sharing their enriching experience with us.

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